Bathroom Evolution

Since it’s inception, some say even far back as Babylon was around, sewer systems were invented which truly transformed quality of life. For the first time, people dealt with excrement in a manner that was systematic while minimizing infections and infestations.

Modern ‘throne’ as lot of the male folk like to refer to it, is not much different in its essence to the first design of a hole in the ground and something to sit on. Sure, we have more polish and plushness, and why not. Even the smell is minimized by our cleaners and air fresheners.

A little while later, a concept of washing in the water, a river or a pool, where first elite enjoyed but quickly became public projects where all could relax and rejuvenate.  Modern concepts slowly overtook public bathing in western countries with rise of modern revolution.

Today we enjoy such luxuries every day. Let us work on your bath/bathroom project to bring this quality of craftsmanship, design and quality into your life. Thank you for your interest in us.