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“The first records for the use of baths date back as far as 3000 B.C. At this time water had a strong religious value, being seen as a purifying element for both body and soul, and so it was not uncommon for people to be required to cleanse themselves before entering a sacred area. Baths are recorded as part of a village or town life throughout this period, with a split between steam baths in Europe and America and cold baths in Asia. Communal baths were erected in a distinctly separate area to the living quarters of the village, with a view to preventing evil spirits from entering the domestic quarters of a commune.” Wiki

Thank goodness we don’t have the communal baths any more, as our modern designs are far cry from the early inceptions. Our work has taken us through dozens and dozens of different bath/bathroom designs and we proudly stand by our work. Our customers tend to call us back in their future projects which speaks volumes to the quality of work.